Mansell Mountain: Perpendicular Trail uphill - Razorback Trail downhill

nominally 2-hours

Finding the Trailhead

Drive towards Southwest Harbor on Route 102. Turn right on Seal Cove Road and right again 0n Long Pond Road. There is a parking lot by Long Pond. The trail head is directly behind the "Pumping Station" Building.

This is essentially hike 4-3 in A Walk in the Park, pg. 106-7, 10th Edition.

Details of the Hike

Type of Hike: Loop
Total Distance: about 3.5 miles
Vertical up/down: about 1000feet
Rating: Moderate to Difficult

The Views on the Hike

Views are limited. There is an overlook about 0.2 miles from the top that offers a spectacular view to the East. Using Beech with its Ranger Tower, as a landmark, just to the left and mostly behind Beech is Norembega. Behind and to the left of Norembega is the Sargent Peak and Ridge Line and to the right of that is a bit of the Penobscot Ridgeline. In front of Sargent, if you look carefully, you can see the summits of Parkman (left), Bald (right) and Gilmore (between Parkman and Sargent).

On the way down Razorback, be sure to pass the first way downhill and follow the signs toward the Great Notch. It seems like it should come up sooner. The way down Razorback is disproportionately on outcroppings that are crowned. I suspect that is why the trail was given its name. There are some great views looking back at the canyon formed by Bernard to the West, Mansell to the East and Knight's Nubble to the North.

But the reason I recommend this trail and consider it worthy of the "Uniquely Acadia" title, is the incredible staircase that the trail crews have put on the perpendicular trail. So if it is a cloudy or low ceiling day and you want to hike and to see something that is "Uniquely Acadia", this hike may be your answer.

In Summary

I rate this hike a "C+" rating, primarily because there are better view elsewhere, but the stairway on Perpendicular, is worth seeing.

Added: 9/2/07