nominally 1-hour

In sticking with our "uniquely Acadia" theme, the Beehive is probably the best short hike in the park.

Finding the trailhead

Get on the Park Loop Road and Park at Sand Beach or on the road near Sand Beach

Details of the Hike

Type of Hike: Loop
Total Distance: about 4 miles
Vertical up/down: about 500feet
Rating: Difficult
The hike can be taken backwards from what is described here. However, I recommend this way because it is easier and preferable for most hikers to go up a steep trail than down a steep trail.
NOTE: If you think this may be too difficult, try the South Bubble Hike. If you take the Beehive and really like it, you may be ready for the "Precipice Hike".

The Views on the Hike

After a walk in the trail cuts to the right and climbs are sharp cliff. There are many iron rungs to hold onto, but there are places that are downright scary.

There are fabulous views of Gorham Mountain to the south and Sand Beach and Newport Cove to the southeast.

Coming down, keep bearing to the left and eventually come down the Bowl Trail. The trail is over rocks and roots, but the fun and the great views are over.

In Summary

You've experienced a great set of views that cover most of the southeast part of Mount Desert Island. The hike also afforded you the opportunity to determine if you would be comfortable trying the Precipice Trail, which is longer, and a bit steeper with more exposed cliffs and iron rungs.