Asticou via Penobscot Mountain

nominally 1-hours

In 2006, a new trail was opened (or an old trail was reopened.) It connects the Penobscot Ridge to the Asticou Trail. The trail crew did a wonderful job.

Finding the trailhead

Park at the Jordan Pond House. Follow the trail sign to Penobscot Mountain via Jordan Bluffs. (Do not take the "Jordan Cliff Trail.")

Details of the Hike

Type of Hike: Loop
Total Distance: about 1.5 miles
Vertical up/down: about 500feet
Rating: Moderate to Difficult
The hike can be taken backwards from what is described here. However, I recommend this way because it is easier and preferable for most hikers to go up a steep trail than down a steep trail and the trail up to Jordan Bluffs is quite steep..

The Views on the Hike

The trail begins to ascend sharply immediately following the crossing of the second carriage road. If you stop to look behind, there are some reasonably good views of Jordan Pond and Pemetic Mountain just to the left (North) of the Jordan Pond House. But there are better views of this elsewhere, so for this part, just enjoy the climb.

The first fork has a trail sign indicting Penobscot and Sargent to the right; Asticou to the left. Take the left. The trail must have been laid out to maximize the view and it juts and curves a lot. It is well marked, but if you watch the view too carefully, you may find yourself backtracking to find the trail.

The views include the southern coast line, Somes Sound, Northeast Harbor, Islands including the Cranberry's, and of course, the Atlantic Ocean.

Once reaching the junction with the Asticou trail, take the left and after a "walk in the woods" you'll be back at Jordan Pond House.

In Summary

In a short distance, you've gotten a pretty good work out going up to Jordan Bluffs, and a set of "Uniquely Acadia Views" looking south. Because of the lengthy "non-unique walk-in-the-woods on the Asticou Trail, I rate this hike C+ to B- on my uniquely Acadia Scale.