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Statement of Purpose

Many believe that Acadia National Park may be the most beautiful place in the United States east of the Mississippi. Hiking in Acadia gives the visitor a melding of ocean, mountains, fresh water, coves, bays, etc.

Many Hiking Guides have been written about Acadia, but they do not distinguish between hikes that are "Uniquely Acadia" versus hikes that are similar to those available in any forest or valley.

In a manner of speaking, this site is a blog of hikes that I particularly enjoyed. Hikes are listed in order of my preference on my subjective "uniquely Acadia" scale.

Hikes to be described on this site will all be in the category of "vigorous" (but not technical). The categories will include:

NOTE: Hikes marked with an asterisk (*) are particularly recommended for cloudy days or days when the view might be limited.

Short hikes: under 2-hours Acadia Mountain
South Bubble
*Pemetic Ravine
*Giant Slide
Asticou via Jordan Bluff

Medium hikes: 2 to 4-hours Jordan Cliffs - Jordan Bluff
Beech Cliffs - Mountain
Pemetic Mountain
Giant Slide Plus
Sieur De Monts to Thunder Hole (added 9/16/2015)
Norumbega Mountain
*Mansell Mt.: Perpendicular - Razorback
West Ridge of Cadillac Mt.

Longer hikes: 4 to 6-hours Dorr Mt., Cadillac Mt. and Bar Harbor
Giant Slide Plus 6-Peaks
Those who love Acadia will eventually do all of the hikes in the park. But for the infrequent visitor who wants to get a jump start on finding the places that make Acadia unique, this site will attempt to provide that.

Cemetery Tourism on Mt. Desert Island

Cemetery Tourism on Mt. Desert Island

This web site is still under construction.

Some exceptional places that fit the "Uniquely Acadia" theme.

Note that these are not paid endorsements and that are based purely on personal "retail" experiences with the establishment.

Ben and Bills
66 Main Street
Bar Harbor, ME 04609-1841
(207) 288-3281
Incredible Ice Cream and Chocolates although it may give you sticker shock. It is priced a bit higher than Toscannis and J. P. Licks in Boston!
Note: Despite President Obama's visit to another Ice Cream establishment on his vacation, this is hands down, the best on Mount Desert Island!

17 Main Street
Bar Harbor, ME 04609-1845
(207) 288-9706
Good medium-priced Food

This Way Cafe
14 Mount Desert Street
Bar Harbor, ME 04609-1782
(207) 288-4483
Excellent service, wonderful presentation, prices are medium

Thornedge Inn
47 Mt Desert St.
Bar Harbor, ME 04609
(877) 288-5398

* Great location with respect to downtown.
* Gourmet Breakfast
* Nice atmosphere
* Andrew, the Innkeeper, also serves as "concierge". He knows where things are and what's going on in the region.
* Price: Moderate

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